Dr Murray trial - Day 3

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Dr Murray trial - Day 3

Michael Jackson's bodyguard Alberto Alvarez, who took the witness stand in the death trial of the singer, claimed doctor Conrad Murray asked him to hide drug vials and an IV bag before calling 911. Alvarez, the first guard to reach Jackson’s bedroom on the day of his death, was close to tears as he described the moment he saw the star lying on the bed. He also told the Court that the doctor instructed him to grab a clear saline bag with a bottle of Propofol inside. The bodyguard said he thought he was packing Jackson’s drugs together ready for him to be taken to hospital.

Mr Alvarez’ voice cracked with emotion as he told of seeing Jackson’s children Paris and Prince walking into the room during the effort to revive the King of Pop in 2009. He said: “Paris screamed, ‘Daddy!’ and she started to cry. Dr Murray said, ‘Get them out. Don’t let them see him like this’.

“I asked Dr Conrad Murray what happened and he said, ‘He had a bad reaction’.” Mr Alvarez said the doctor had told him to call an ambulance shortly after entering the room but he was interrupted by the arrival of the children. “While I was standing at the foot of the bed he [Murray] reached over and grabbed a handful of vials and said, ‘Here, put these in a bag’.” Alvarez testified that at the bottom of the saline bag was "what appeared to me like a milky-white substance." Propofol is milky white and Jackson referred to it as his milk, witnesses have said.

Alvarez said that after he had placed vials and the IV bag in bags for Murray, the doctor asked him to call 911. "I believed Dr. Murray had the best intentions toward Michael Jackson. So I didn't question his authority at the time," he told prosecutor David Walgren. Defense attorney asked him, "Do you have any reason to think that Dr. Murray would want to conspire with you to hide evidence?". Walgren objected to the question, the judge sustained the objection, and Alvarez did not answer.

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  • ojii onaze

    ojii onaze

    05 Ottobre 2011 at 10:07 |
    Dr Murray need to serve a jail term but not killed, since death is a sure thing, but i believe Murray was careless with the life of that pop star. he needs to learn a lesson..we wait till it goes down...whichever way,,this is a humble suggestion.

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