Neverland Ranch to become a Music Institute

on Domenica, 19 Dicembre 2010. Posted in Latest News

Neverland Ranch to become a Music Institute
Colony Capital, the company that now owns Michael Jackson's famous former home, Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara, is developing a plan to turn the mansion into a private music institute. Jackson's ranch would become a campus where students "rich and poor" could learn to write and perform music.
Though this is very exciting and seemingly appropriate given Michael’s passion, Capital faces two huge road blocks on the path to making this vision a reality. The first deals with getting Santa Barbara County to approve such a project, while the second seems to be a bit more difficult. Even with Santa Barbara County’s blessing, Capital will still need to get the go ahead to use Michael Jackson’s name in association with this music institute. However, according to, a source “directly connected with the Michael Jackson Estate [said], ‘It’s an interesting idea and we’d be open to it.’”

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