Michael Jackson - The Experience

on Lunedì, 29 Novembre 2010. Posted in Latest News

Michael Jackson - The Experience

A couple of weeks ago I received a complimentary copy of the just released Ubisoft game "Michael Jackson: The Experience". I thought I could whip up a review in a couple of days, but I was wrong :)

I have been literally captivated by the game, and during the last few days, I've kept late hours dancing with some friends of mine. The tracklist of the game is rich and varied and includes never before seen coreography such as, "Leave Me Alone", "Money", "Streetwalker", "The Girl Is Mine", among other classic Michael Jackson's hits the entire world well knows. Landscapes and backgrounds faithfully respect the state-of-the-art videos Michael realized during his mythical career.

The characters, and Michael himself, move like they are genuine living figures. Up to 4 players are allowed to dance simultaneously, but you need a large living room to unleash your mr-dancer-hide :)

This game will electrify the world, and you can't miss it! "The Experience" has been released for the Wii platform earlier last week. The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are being held until sometime in 2011. "We're giving our teams more time to develop the Kinect and Move versions to ensure we deliver awesome experiences that take full advantage of the new technologies," a rep from UbiSoft said.

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