The MJPortal Experience - Homage to Michael Jackson

on Sunday, 15 May 2011. Posted in Latest News

The MJPortal Experience - Homage to Michael Jackson

An unforgettable night, last night! The Rebound Cafè was such a perfect place for our yearly homage to Michael Jackson.

Old and new fans, friends, colleagues, and simply "curious", joined together in a magic mix of dance moves. The Ubisoft game "Michael Jackson Experience" is a real milestone in the history of dance games. And the 3 million copies sold worldwide are an unquestionable demonstration of its success!

We have been literally bewitched by the game, and our party, enriched by the tasty buffet and cocktails, crowned in a collective launch of flying balloons. Our thoughts for Michael and our intimate desires for a better world flew in the sky... trying to reach Him.

Long Live The King.


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Michael Jackson Experience

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