Dr Murray trial - Day 9

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Dr Murray trial - Day 9

In what’s been the most anticipated evidence in the trial, the prosecution played the jury Dr. Murray’s interview with LAPD detectives, recorded 2 days after MJ died. The interview has never been played in public before, nor has a transcript of its contents been released.

The day of the interview, Murray told the detectives he arrived at Jackson’s rented mansion at 12:50 AM on June 25, and headed straight to Michael’s room to wait for him to come home after rehearsals. According to Murray, Jackson arrived at 1:05 AM saying he was tired. Murray gave MJ a 10 mg Valium pill. Michael couldn’t sleep, so Murray says he then gave him 2 mg of the anti-anxiety drug, Lorazepam.

Jackson complained he still couldn’t fall asleep, so Murray gave him 2 mg of the sedative Midazolam around 2 AM. MJ remained awake. Murray said Jackson “reluctantly” closed his eyes, finally dozing off around 3:15 AM, only to reawaken at 4:00 AM. At 4:30 AM Murray said Jackson said, “I have to sleep, Dr. Conrad, I have to sleep.”

Murray gave MJ another 2 mg of Lorazepam. Again, according to Dr. Murray, Michael couldn’t sleep. Jackson was still wide awake at 7:30 AM, so Dr. Murray administered another 2 mg of Midazolam, yet Michael remained awake and complaining that he was going to have to cancel the “This is It” tour.

Murray said Michael began to beg for his “milk,” the slang for Propofol. Murray agreed to give him 25 mg of the powerful sedative around 10:50 AM, slowly infused over 3 to 4 minutes. Murray said Michael finally fell asleep around 11 AM.

The doctor also claimed that the he only left the singer for two minutes to visit toilet. However, when he came back at about 11:00 AM on June 25, 2009, Jackson was found dead and he wasn't breathing any more.

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