Dr Murray trial - Day 6

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Dr Murray trial - Day 6

Nicole Alvarez, 29, one of Murray's girlfriends and the mother of one of the doctor's seven children, took the witness stand. According to Alvarez, Murray called her when he rode in ambulance with the lifeless body of Jackson on June 25 2009. "I remember him telling me that he was on the way to the hospital in an ambulance with Mr. Jackson and not to be alarmed," Alvarez said. "He was worried I would hear about it."

They even exchanged three more calls on the afternoon of the King of Pop's death. Alvarez said she forget the content of the phone conversation. From April to June in 2009, Murray purchased some powerful anesthetic Propofol, which he gave to Jackson as a sleep aid. At that time, Alvarez said she signed for the packages, but didn't know what was in the package, for she never opened them. The pharmacist Tim Lopez, who sent them from Las Vegas to Alvarez's Santa Monica apartment, said he thought he was sending to Murray's medical office.

According to Lopez, for more than four month, the doctor had purchased 255 vials of Propofol, 20 vials of the sedative Lorazepam, 60 vials of Midazolam and several tubes of Lidocaine which was intended to numb injection areas. He also purchased saline solution in IV bags.

Murray's another girlfriend Sade Anding testified that she talked with the doctor on the phone, which took place less than a half-hour before Murray called frantically to Jackson's assistant asking for help on June 25, 2009. But Murray suddenly disappeared. "I realized he was no longer on the phone," Anding said. "Hello? Hello? Are you there? Hello?" "I heard mumbling of voices. It sounded like the phone was maybe in his pocket, and I heard coughing," Anding said.

Prosecutors say the call was one of the half-dozen personal or business calls made by Murray at the crucial time, according to phone call records.

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