The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait

on Monday, 29 November 2010. Posted in Latest News

The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait

Millions of Fans from more than 180 countries are coming together to become a part of Michael Jackson’s unique legacy. In a worldwide tribute to the ultimate King of Pop, artist David Ilan is creating a portrait of Michael using only dots. Each dot represents 1 true fan!

By signing up for free to get your dot number, you'll be taking part in a once in a lifetime tribute - your name will be forever linked to Michael Jackson and 1 million of his biggest fans!

Sign up today to join our massive community of fans and make Michael proud!

About the Pose:

The drawing represents multiple moments in Michael's life, from his younger years to more recent times. There will be more than one image of Michael in this drawing. Since fans have different opinions on what Michael should look like in the drawing, the author came up with a concept that will make everyone happy. How will the different images of Michael work together in the drawing? It's a secret that is being revealed daily, dot by dot... The drawing will take a few twists and turns along the way so check back often on the site.

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  • Twinkle Kaur

    Twinkle Kaur

    01 January 2011 at 07:26 |
    I love and miss Michael Jackson too much. He was my idol and will be my idol forever.
    I really pity him a lot and what he faced in his life time, I wish i was his friend and got to know him better.
    But, what i can tell you, he is the best dad i have ever seen.
    By creating this portal, all his fans will have a place to remember him.

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